Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 4 Things On My Mind

1.  Lately, I have been full of gratitude when I think about my life. Things haven't gone how we had hoped and prayed they would (Shouldn't we be in Ethiopia right now?) But over and over again, God has continued to bless us by showing His faithfulness and love even in this season. And, while people have rallied for us in prayer and action (I had amazing friends helping with the yard sale fundraiser), I am always still in awe at how He moves through us to show love.

All that to say, several weeks ago I had been raving. And I mean Raving. About this coupon deal I wanted for an etsy store selling lockets. I have always loved the beauty and intimacy of lockets. In fact, my grandmother has passed down her mother's locket to me. It has a picture of my Great Grandmother and my Great Grandfather when they were very young. Mema said that her mother wore it around her neck while he was away in WWI. What a beautiful story, right?

So I really wanted one of these vintage lockets to put our referral picture in when we venture into the next season of waiting.

Imagine my disappointment when I logged in to the site 30 minutes after the sale started to find it Sold Out.

Are you kidding? In 30 minutes? At least, that was my sentiment on facebook 5 second later!

But once again God ---through His people--showered me with love. One of my adoptive momma friends messaged me this week with her voucher and a strict message that if I didn't use it, it would go to waste because she was giving it to me and therefore wouldn't be using it.  I wanted to pay her. I wanted to buy her a different voucher that she wanted. I wanted to do anything possible to repay the favor. Of course, she declined.

So I prayed that God would keep me sensitive to His spirit, so that I, too, could be the vessel He uses to shower someone else with love when they need it.

I can't wait to get it in...and even more so to have a picture to put in it! I chose this one for a couple of reasons. 1. It was vintage. Originally from the 1950s and then modernized with the resin and brass on the front (the back is beautiful, too) and for some reason I just kept coming back to the blue and yellow. These were my favorite colors in high school and college and virtually everything I owned was some variation of Blue. and. Yellow. So, it just seemed fitting to have it have another special meaning.

Thank you, adoptive momma friend, for your kindness and for letting God use you to love on me!

2.  I have had creative-block lately. I haven't felt extremely inspired and for some reason, not spending much time in front of the sewing machine (except for orders) even with a memory quilt needing to be finished.

So, the other day--when sorting laundry--I was quite surprised to find an old t-shirt (that i never wear) and have some inspiration rise up! I was even more excited when I finally decided  on what to do and executed this upcycle! I used 1/2 off coupons to buy the lace at Joann and the shirt was $3 at Wal-Mart on clearance (some time ago). Total cost? Under $10

In the end, I loved it...though I did learn some valuable lessons. I usually just pin and go but for something as light as lace, I would recommend using a fusible webbing along the stitch line (ONLY- you don't want your lace flattened) or a temporary adhesive to hold the lace in place. It's just too finicky for pinning  IMHO.  Next, I have some ideas of dying lace and doing some variations! =)

Pay no attention to the After Model. She was tired. and puffy. And wasn't wearing any make-up. Also she first tried the traditional "smile at the camera" pose but looked 4. This isn't much better but The Photographer was done helping.

3.. Steve Martin is Coming To My Town! I am so excited I might already be could jump up and down squealing!!

Here are my top 5 favorite things Steve Martin has ever done:
1. King Tut
2. Three Amigos
3. Two Wild and Crazy Guys
4. The Jerk
5. My Blue Heaven (This one doesn't make The Husband's list but I am my own person. So there.)

Recently, we went to see Martin Short live. Don't get me wrong, he was "funny enough" but every clip they showed supposed to be highlighting him, Steve Martin was funnier. We knew immediately it would have been better if we could have been watching Steve Martin. Fast forward to today! So exciting

Disclaimer: Apparently Steve Martin also has a banjo band. We are hopeful it isn't just the band...though I hear he is also an excellent banjo player...But come on Steve, people don't come to see you play the Banjo. They  come to see King Tut.

4. The Clover family is coming to see us this weekend. We {heart} them. Should be a great time!

That's all for now, folks! Don't forget to add your Words of Encouragement!


Christie said...

Ashley, Just a few weeks ago I bought myself a locket to put our referral pics in whenever we get them! I thought it would be so neat to ALWAYS have my kids with me and to be able to show off their pictures at a moment's notice! :) I love the locket you picked out! Beautiful!

Emily said...

LOVE the locket!

Randee said...

Love the locket and your upcycled shirt!

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