Monday, June 6, 2011


I've been gone for a while.

I don't have an excuse this time.

No alien abductions...or deep-sleep syndromes.


Just...didn't have anything nice to say. So, as my mother always suggested I try every now and then...I chose not to say anything at all.

It pretty much ruins my chances of every being one of those blogger that thousands of people follow everyday...all the while commenting on my blog telling me how cool I am.  But, nevertheless...One friend said I should someday write a devotional and another tells me I am her favorite blogger ever (Take THAT Pioneer Woman)..And those things keep me going (for real, ya'll), they keep me inspired to find something worthy of their attention and forbid me from ever deleting my blog...This blog,  that started way back when graduate school looked like Mt. Everest and adoption wasn't in everyday vocabulary in my life. So much has changed [obviously] since that time......

So back to my excuse explanation...

Truly? Adoption is hard.

And waiting? Is harder.

Add to that a major case of feeling sorry for yourself and you have  a recipe for disaster.

A disaster I averted but NOT blogging

You can thank me now.....

Today? Nothing has changed. About twice a week I have a major case of the blues [where I feel terribly sad for myself and devour chocolate. or bread, or mashed potatoes] . Every morning, I rise wondering if this is the day I will get The Call. I still get angry at the lack of urgency I see in the adoption-world [though, I understand and respect the due-diligence]. I worry about my baby. I make pre-trip "Things to do" lists. And save vacation time. And think about buying Jessica Seinfield's book on discretely feeding my children spinach. And read attachment books. And watch webinars. And get CPR certified. And blog-stalk other waiting families...

And wait.

So what's different? You most certainly are all wondering now.

Nothing. Except my decision to try to be positive. Even when I feel like Negative Nancy (no offense to any Nancys out there...positive or negative ones...)

So. There it is. My commitment to blog. And to find happy things. And to finish my laundry [Ya'll don't care about that but I just thought maybe it would help to put it in writing] .

So, what am I happy about today?


I've been on the HUNT for an old-fashioned picnic basket for weeks now. It's almost become an addiction. I've been to yard sales, thrift stores, Craigslist. And, found? Nothing. 


And I was terribly disappointed...Until today. When I found this beauty:

And was inspired to get this:

Which I will use to create a picnic basket that will be the ENVY of all picnic baskets!

Just you wait.... 

So, here's to "Faking it 'til you make it" =)

Happy Monday!


Cheryll said...

Love love love this post! You are an inspiration, even on a negative day! You will be such a great mother! Love ya!

Ashley said...

Glad to see you back!

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