Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 Months Home

At the Lion King! Marvel LOVED it!
I can't believe we've already been home a little more than 2 months!

The time really has flown by (I knew it would) and we've been daily amazed by our little guy.

That's not to say that these first days were without a few thorns here and there. But overall, this season has confirmed to me the resilience and bravery ingrained in Marvel's very being. I know that we aren't to thank for this and always with reverence, we often think of those who are.

Here's what Marvel's up to these days:

Favorite Food(s): hard boiled eggs; avocados; strawberries; vanilla ice cream; cookie butter; marshmallow mateys ;-)
Favorite Person: Moses (our dog). They're totally BFFs
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Show(s): Dinosaur Train; Dora; Diego; and Sesame Street
Favorite Phrase(s): To Moses: "Hi baby" and "Gert-outta-herr". To anyone else: "No way"; "You don't need it?" (thank his daddy for that); "Settle down"; "Mom, whats firest?"; "Be Quiet"; "More schooltime?"
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Thing(s) To Do: Ride his big-wheels; go to any store where he can ride in the cart; watch tv; color (with markers); legos; woah-hawsh (swimming); feed/water Moses (score for Mommy!)

We feel so blessed and undeserving of this little boy and are so enjoying getting to know his big personality!! Things like trying to "scare" me by throwing "spiders" or "dinosaurs" at me and jumping out from behind doors, he is definitely exploring parts of his personality that have been locked up for some time!!!

I can't wait to get to know my little guy even more in the seasons to come and I am overwhelmingly grateful to God for the opportunity to be his Mommy!


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