Monday, September 3, 2012

Someone Started School!

Disclaimer: School started two weeks ago. I couldn't get pictures to load and let's be honest that's what you guys really want anyways. Better late than never, eh? =)

I wanted to think it would be traumatic for him....

I mean, he'd adjusted alright to an entirely new country, filled with a new language and strange-looking, doting, white people....

But I'd just assumed that Mommy was the secret sauce there.

Turns out my Genius Child is also amazingly resilient and adaptable.

Go Figure.

We're slowing integrating school into our lives by spending a season in the "half day" program before putting him in "full day" later this fall.

Of course, he'd be totally okay with full day now.  He often points out the tall skyscrapers next to his school all the way across town and asks if he can do "more school"?

Even today as we left church (right down the street from the school) he asked if he could go to school now....

I don't know whether to be disappointed or bursting with pride. If I should be disappointed, don't tell me so...because I'm all bursting with pride for my little Genius Child.

He also knows all his shapes, colors, numbers 1-20 (okay he starts losing it at around 15), his alphabet and his whole name.....

Not that anyone's bragging. (Except that I totally am)

Here's a little glimpse into that glorious first day of school!

Giving me the "thumbs up" and wink as we headed out the door!

All smiles on our first day of school!!!
Loves his new teacher!


Randee said...

Yay Genius Judah =) He definitely has the wink and smile down pat!

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