Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few of my favorite things: Winter edition

Shout out to all my dry skin, hair, face,and lips peeps out there!!


Is this thing on? (*tap* *tap*)




Okay okay. But really, folks. I live by the "don't-wash-your-hair-everyday-and-lotion-up-with-baby-oil-before-bed" principle even in the swealtering heat of Oklahoma summers. So imagine the dryness-ness  that encompasses winters 'round here? It's unbearable. Just imagine it....

And for the total effect: Go ahead and also imagine me in one of those sweeet velour sweatsuits. I desperately want one but The Husband started packing my bags the last time I tried to convince him of the versatility of this outfit:

You'll have to forgive the pretty model: For a more realistic depiction, add 10 lbs, take off the make-up and put two-day dirty hair in a ponytail

No amount of begging or research confirming society's general acceptance of these beauts has swayed him.

Alas, I live in old yoga pants and the velour sweat-jacket that I bought to spite him.
What? He said I couldn't get the SUIT. He made no mention of the individual pieces.

Wait. What was I talking about?

Oh yes, favorite winter stuff. So let's get started, shall we? 

I love this stuff. That's the awesome thing about preparing to raise a child of a different ethnicity. You really learn a lot about tricks and tips for their hair/skin care that aren't widely practiced habits in your own circle sometimes.

Coconut oil was one of those lightbulb moments! I love this stuff. Primarily, it's recommended as a natural oil for dry, curly hair (see types 3 and 4) but it is also great for adding moisture to skin. And you can cook with it, too.  And, while I have been a solid baby-oil-user since my early days of lather and bake..I wanted something a little more organic and natural for Little Smith's skin and hair.

Have I mentioned I love this stuff?

For us peach-skinned fellows, a little will go a l-o-o-o-o-ng way. Use sparingly. You've been warned.  I put it on right after a shower to seal in the moisture and water on my skin and, on particularly dry days, I will lather up before bed. You will smell like toasted coconuts and will probably dream you are on a beach somewhere. Just another perk, folks.

It's good for hair, too. But even my dry hair can't have oil just laid into it! Sometimes on freshly washed and dried hair, I will put a tiny little itty bitty bit on the ends, new growth (you know? those hairs that stand straight up) and frizzies. But only sometimes. And make sure you don't have to see anyone important. Just in case you overlooked the "tiny little itty bitty bit" part or thought I was joking.

Because...I am not joking.


I swear by this stuff.

For real ya'll.

It weirdens up my swearing a little but it's totally worth it.

Check out my marketing slogan:
For dry hair? Biolage Conditioning Balm is Da' Balm! (Get it, Bomb? Balm? Ohh...I crack myself up!!!)

I think there are around 752 different ways to use this product because everytime I get my hair done, they try to tell me about a few more ways I can use it different than I already do. But I am only pretending to listen to them and am more interested in reading the smut magazines that I can't bring myself to buy on my own. So I have no idea what to tell you about unique ways to use it. Blame it on US Weekly , if you must.

Or just Google it, people. Geez, get off me!

For me?  I just put it on freshly washed, damp hair and use it as a leave-in. Works wonders.

P.S. A Jar this size will last until the cows come home. Which--word on the street-- is a really long time.

Love Caught Me By Surprise. That is the title for the book of poetry I am writing about Aquaphor. You see, I am a pretty solid Champagne-tinted Burt's-Beeswax-lip-balm-kinda-girl. But for harsh winds and dry cracked lips, I L-O-V-E this stuff. Love it enough to write its name in the margins of my notebooks.

Ashley + Aquaphor = Always & 4Ever

It's pretty much diaper rash creme mixed with vaseline for your lips.  I use it daily. And nightly. And sometimes 'round noon.

All the time, really. Don't judge me.

 Moving on:

 This stuff isn't exactly Dry Skin stuff.

Or Winter stuff, for that matter.

It's sort of one of those "necessary to live" things.

I don't know how to describe this stuff without using the words "Sent from Jesus Himself".

I carry it everywhere with me. Except to bed. Because that would just be weird.  Too weird.

Basically it's aromatherapy-ish on-the-spot relief for tension, headaches, tiredness and fatigue, whatever.

You take an itty bitty bit and put it on your pressure points (wrists, temples, behind your ears) and breathe in the eucalyptus menthol pepperminty magic.

I don't know what it's doing to me. But I like it.

This is a super tiny bottle but it lasts a LONG time. I just got my second one. Two years after buying my first. =)

So, there ya go. Now, help me out...What are some of your Essentials to help brave the Winter cold??


Anonymous said...

Love the tips - thanks! I can't live without my origins peace of mind - plus every time I see the bottle, I want to belt out the song by Boston.

Since you're using the conditioner as a leave-in, how much do you typically use?

- Rachel H (aka nuttymcnutters)

Lari said...

Oh my goodness! You're too funny! :)

Randee said...

Love these recommendations! Now will you share where you buy them? Also, is yoru coconut oil hardened and in need of "melting" in order to use it? Do tell ;)


*Ashley Lou* said...

I didn't realize I had questions on here (oops) so here are the answers:

On the conditioning balm, I would start with a dime/quarter size dollop and go from there. Also never start at your roots (just in case you have too much) and you can usually get away without looking like grease lightning.

On the coconut oil, yes. Its in a semi-hardened state in my house usually (warmer houses may not have that problem). It softens easily under a warm faucet, in my experience. Some people wedge it out and soften it in their hands but I prefer not to gouge out my coconut oil.

I pretty much buy locally but amazon is a great place to find hard-to-locate items. In fact, they are selling coconut oil for several dollars cheaper than I spent on it! boo!

Hope that helps!!

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