Sunday, December 4, 2011

Book Giveaway WINNER

So, here we are...two days later and I remembered about my giveaway...

I told you this might happen.

You were fairly warned.

In my defense, I had an eventful weekend. Full of puppies and concerts and grocery shopping and such.

There was little time for things like *thinking*

So without further ado..

wasting no more time...

without delay...


Okay, okay... Don't leave.

The winner is:
Lauren Ellis said...

I keep hearing about this book and I REALLY want to read it.
And since Lauren was just wed this weekend, I will probably have to get in touch with her...It would be unreasonable to think she would be blog-hopping this week =)

Lauren blogs over at Not Your Average Southern Belle. And she's pretty darn good (I taught her everything she knows. Of course). So go say hi and tell her I sent you!!

For everyone else...Stay tuned. There might be some more stuff coming your way!


Cheryll said...

YAY Lauren! :D

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