Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate

Lately? I have been QUITE overwhelmed. 

I am constantly behind.

Continuously stressed.

Regularly leaving To-Do lists.... not done.

Unendingly tired.

And, perpetually, forgetful.

And by forgetful...I really mean "Seriously, Did she forget to wear pants today??" kind of serious.

I have this amazing plate in our kitchen....It's for our kiddos. I want to have a special plate that they can use to "celebrate" the things that happen in life, the successes they have, the achievements they pursue. We've never used the plate...and I realized, it's because I don't really ever celebrate...

The trouble is? I see celebration as a "finished" product. When you are FINISHED achieving something? You celebrate.

But I? Am never done.

So I never. celebrate.

But tonight. I am going to celebrate for a few minutes (just hit the "back" button if you were hoping for a Letter To My Child--or something deep and meaningful like that) =))

1.  I took off work today to finish some orders that I had wanted to get done before the holiday weekend. Due to struggles with my old and VERY basic machine, I actually didn't get everything done... honestly...only about half done...and the rest of the time was spent ripping stitches, troubleshooting bobbin issues, and practicing breathing treatments.

BUT? I am celebrating the fact that I am halfway to a ticket bought! So many people have been gracious and supportive and  I have been completely humbled by the outpouring of support for our adoption journey. I never expected anyone to even care, but to have people OUT OF THE BLUE write me to say they want to join with us in this journey? Well...that IS something worth celebrating!

2.  I am way behind in school-work. In fact, I have been going so hard lately that I haven't even touched the individual assignments and I feel I am lagging on the group work too (bleh, who wants a sucky teammate?). Over Thanksgiving break, I hope to devote a few hours to knocking some stuff out...but that never happens the way I want it to...So I am prepared for a late night Sunday, once we get home....

BUT! I am almost through with my MASTERS program? I mean, I can't even describe the feeling of accomplishment for completing a master's degree in an accelerated format (18 months) going non-stop while working full-time, traversing the wilderness of international adoption, leading a youth group, AND trying to be a good wife!!!  I will be finished in March, and while the next few months may be worse than the last 15 put together...There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and I am celebrating the fact that I can SEE that light now!

3.  My house is a disaster...No, for real. Our vacuum died over a month ago. A couple of weeks ago The Husband borrowed one of the church's vacuums for an afternoon, but that is all the vacuuming that's been done...There is thread and fabric scraps all over the house..(dragged from our feet, clothes, etc...) because I can't vacuum the office..It's bad, folks. Bad. I haven't done the grocery shopping in over a month..The Husband has resorted to buying necessities and cookie dough to survive....I keep saying "I need to get a list ready"...but then something shiny appears out of nowhere and steals my brain-power.

BUT. I have a house. I have "stuff". I have money to BUY groceries. I have carpet to need vacuuming. I have been immensely blessed. Not even comparatively to other countries the way we do...but right here in OK...I have been blessed with so much, and while I believe I an called to be a good steward of those things? The fact that God has given them to me. Is. Reason. Enough. To. Celebrate.

4. I usually have Christmas stuff up midway into November. I spend a day making homemade apple cider (even though I am the only one who drinks it), listening to good old Christmas songs, dancing around in my festive smelling home, and decorating. All. Over. But this year? with everything going on, the trips all over the U.S. (it feels like) and the new sewing projects....Well, my stuff has been waiting in the garage for me, for well over two weeks. Miserably boxed up. Unused. Probably feeling unwanted.....

BUT? My husband--great and wonderful man that he is--realized it was really bothering me that I hadn't decorated yet, and got one of the trees out and up while I was in class Mon. night and had the lights on, in the window when I pulled up. Having a considerate, thoughtful, caring husband like that? Is most definitely worth celebrating.

5. Sometimes I feel really alone..I mean, it's not like I have TIME to cultivate relationships....or desire to have troves of friends..But, here in OK, we really are fish out of water. We have spent all our lives in AR and when we moved to OK, it was to be part of a VERY small church with no peers. pretty much. at all. Talk about lonely. We were twenty-somethings who had just left a large church and a close-knit group of couples who were just like us. Who we loved dearly and had weekly "dinners" together...Who made us realize how important friends were..Then? Then we got dropped in no-man's land (no offense) and had no circles or abilities to make new relationships because we were kept so busy with work and church *see above*. It was, and is, pretty hard at times.....

But....The friends we do have? Are so special. They love us completely. They beg us to spend time with them when we are in town. They miss us at the annual "Friends Thanksgiving" when we aren't there. They support us with their prayers and whatever they can. And they know our hearts, our vision, our dreams... Friends like that, whether you have 5 or 500 are worth celebrating.... They are beautiful reminders that we were created for companionship and that God calls US His friend. Obviously, he sees the importance in them!

So, my challenge for you today. Is that you stop GOING. and celebrate. For just one minute. All the things that get passed up because we are never "finished" with them. 

If nothing else, remember this verse:
"This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalms 118:24

May you be blessed. And wise enough to recognize when you are!


Rene' said...

beautiful points and I'm glad u are beginning to see the positive. take a step back sometimes and it will help get the 'schedule' out of our lives :) wait till kids come-it gets even busier lol

Steven Foster said...

Silly me!! I'm signed in to Steven's account! Love, Mom

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