Friday, July 2, 2010

Start your engines...

This morning?

This FRIDAY morning?

This best-day-of-the-week morning?

I found a spider, who had created  a home/web in the space between the arms of my hair straightener....

That is NOT cool.

My choices?

1. Slam the sides of the straightener together and live forever with the knowledge that every time I straighten my hair, I am spreading spider guts everywhere.

2. Move the straightener away from said-spider with a heavy shoe handy and risk it running for refuge into the piles of dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor er...having to clean its guts up....well, someday, anyways.

3. Crawl back into bed and pretend the whole thing was a terrible. terrible. dream.

See you all tomorrow.


Lyndsey said...

So what did you do!?!? I am pretty okay with spiders, but we get WASPS in our bedroom, and I am really scared to kill them because I think I will get stung! That's so funny that your husband likes Man vs. Food too! I keep trying to tell Jay that it is ironic that he enjoys a show that the guy clearly overeats for no other reason than for the competition and the entertainment and we are trying to adopt from a country where many residents cannot get enough food...sad irony huh?!? We enjoyed the Adoption seminar and meeting other Dillon families. We are not from a state in which Dillon has an office, so it was our first face-to-face interaction with a Dillon staff member. So far, we are nothing but impressed with them!! Because you missed the deadline do you still have to go?

*Ashley Lou* said...


I smashed it with a shoe, cleaned up its guts, and went to work--bitter...
I hear ya on the wasps things though...In fact, you might want to read this post to truly understand how I feel about wasps haha!

We do still have to attend the IA seminar for our adoption education hours..(thankfully we can attend one here)..It was just not required for App II for us!

Hope all is going well on your App II!

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