Monday, July 12, 2010

Answers to Questions

Catchy title, no? Can't help but wonder:

"What questions?" and even more importantly "What answers?"

Last week, I posted about some struggles I had been having being posted as a "Question of the week" on a blog I follow! I was thrilled at the prospect of getting a wealth of wisdom from those who had gone before me!

And, boy oh boy...They did NOT disappoint. No.They did not.

I encourage EVERYONE to take some time and read this week's Answers to Tuesday Topic Question because the hearts of these mommas will not leave you wishing for more!

So, if you love me at all....

Or, if you simply have a few questions of your own about adoption....

Or, you don't know much about it whatsoever...

Or, if like me, you would give your right arm for some Buttered Popcorn flavored Jelly Belly candies right now... (I'm left-handed, by the way)

Then take a few minutes and read through some of these Mommas thoughts on addressing a pretty touchy topic! Soak it all in, because whether you are adopting, or you know someone who is..These are good tips for all of us to remember.

I will leave you with this little nugget that especially touched my heart:

"“We really feel that this is the path that God has us on, to build our family, and that even biological children are not our “own”…all children are God’s and we are just His steward’s of them for the time we have them… so no child is truly mine…!, Since God is the one who gives us the capacity to love anyone….He is able to work within us the same love for an adopted child as He is for a biological child!"
Well ,there you have it...
Til the sun shines again and the rain stops destroying my attempts at straight hair,
*Ashley Lou*


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