Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leave a message at the sound of the beep...

I have so many people that I need to catch up with..and SO many things to catch up on, too!

But I need ya'll to bear with me for a couple of weeks!

My current schedule is such:
Monday night: Class
Tuesday-Thursday night: Vacation Bible School
Friday: Traveling out-of-town for work
Saturday: Pack for camp
Sunday: Head to camp
Monday-Thursday: camp
Friday: Major meetings day and TAHEC elections (I am
            currently Pres. of this organization)
Saturday: Start homework for first class in Strategic HR

Anyways, now that you have the play-by-play, I hope your sympathy and *ahem* patience at least have increased some....I will catch everyone up..Once I rest =)

*I promise*

Til I learn to boycott July,
*Ashley Lou*


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