Friday, January 8, 2010

January is like the houseguest who has outstayed his welcome.

I don't like January. There really are a number of reasons I don't like January, all with logical arguments, and I generally don't share them...In fact, most years, I can get by without even acknowledging my distaste. This, after weeks of extreme cold temperatures, no sunlight and an enormous amount of work to do, would NOT be one of those years... So, here is my much shortened list of reasons to dislike January.

1. January comes right after Christmas. I know it's not January's fault, that this is just the hand it was dealt, but ultimately, I LOVE Christmas, and January is the furthest amount of time from Christmas. I hate *and am guilty of doing this* the way all the Christmas decorations are still up but never turned on...just making January even more gloomy and sad. It's like all the life was stolen from the holidays and the decaying carcass that remains is January.

2. January is cold. There is no way around it. Even in the south (even in the DEEP south this year) it is cold. I don't like "bundling up" just to get the mail. I don't like seeing my breath. And I really REALLY don't like the gray overcast that seems to take over January. The snow and ice get piled up in disgusting dirt mounds everywhere and the roads, cars, and people wear the bitterness around like a scarf. Even when the sun is shining, it's still... January.

3. Lack of vitamin D..and before you give me the "take a supplement" lecture...I prefer the natural method...which, since giving up the luxury of a tanning bed, I don't get in January. This makes me move slower, I smile less, and slowly, but surely, my skin becomes transparent making me worry that at some point, if this continues, I will disappear altogether. I am a southern girl. I need warmth and sunlight. That is all there is to it!

4. January requires you to "get back in the swing of things" with regard to working a full 5 days a week and not having any holiday time. I personally believe there should be a "phase in" period that helps people acclimate back from the joys of 2 or 3 days off every couple of weeks. It's not fair to expect us to be able to jump back in after weeks of sleeping in and overeating. No one can quit that cold turkey.(Pun was DEFINITELY intended) =))

5. Finally, life goes on as usual in January. I still have school, still have work and church and youth, still have a house to clean, organize, rearrange rooms and..oh, did I mention put up all my Christmas decor??? and I still have piles of paperwork to complete, notarize, order certified copies of and then MAKE more copies of....

If January and winter MUST exist, then I vote for hibernation =)

Happy Friday.


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LOL cute, Rene'

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