Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I like roller coasters, but I wouldn't want to live on one...

DH and I at the Hogs Homecoming Game

I should be ashamed of my blogger self. I really have not fallen into a deep crevice in the wilderness somewhere outside of civilization...In fact, there have been so many happenings in my life in the past few weeks that I am not even sure where to start....or where that might lead. I have decided, however, through the course of these past weeks...that I like roller coasters...but I don't want to live on one...See DH and I live a pretty even-keel life...Where drama ensues, we typically withdraw. We just don't like it. Emotions and feelings are part of who we are as humans. We all have them...we all express them... But it's that extra dramatic flair that makes us sick...you know, the point when you're on a roller coaster and it looks as though you are going to slam right into something, only to drop enough to barely avoid catastrophe?? Yah...that.  But, hence, these human bodies we have here on earth do tend to make it virtually impossible to live one's life without some roller coaster aspects...I just hope they are as temporary as the ones we ride....or as painless as the kiddie rides (wouldn't that be nice?)

Synopsis of the past two weeks: I have finished another class (Graduate Research, to be exact), said goodbye to a friend too soon and watched my grandma take too long, it seemed....I have changed goals significantly at work (God is my strength and peace), enjoyed birthday parties/football games/concerts, and struggled with physical health (God is my healer)... And, I believe that through the course of all these emotional trips, I have had to deal with emotions that I typically would ignore (just through lack of energy to suppress them)..loneliness, hurt, rejection, worry... It's times like this that I just want to say....No thank you, I will not be riding today. Unfortunately...THAT we don't get a choice in...so instead, I hang on for dear life and try to move past the emotions as quickly as I get them..you know, like being on a roller coaster.

Until next time, whenever that might be....I praise my God for who he is, regardless of how I feel.

The Lord is my strength and my shield, in him my heart trusts and I am helped.
My heart exults with praise and with my song I give thanks to him. Psalms 28:7


Rene' said...

love you!

Jen said...

I LOVE that last sentence! No matter what happens, I will praise HIM!

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