Friday, February 8, 2013

{Spotlight Series} The Kennett Family

I've wanted to start spotlighting fundraising families for some time now!

In fact, it's been on my heart since the first of the year when I committed to re-vamping and truly praying about the purpose of my blog.

I've since blogged a total of 3 times.

And done zero tasks in the re-vamp department.

{I'm totally rockin' these goals.}

So in the spirit of actually doing something I resolved to do,  I am so excited to announce our Fundraising Family Spotlight Series where periodically, I will showcase different adoptive families in fundraising efforts and sometimes even just talk about creative fundraising ideas!!

For the launch, I am so excited to showcase my friends, The Kennett Family, as they enter the final lap in bringing their sweet girl home from China!

Meet the Kennett Family from The Kennett's Krazy Life!

It has been quite the journey, for my friends. One that {I know} has taken them places they never imagined.  And after the years of longing and struggle in the process. After so many months  reassuring yourself that God won't leave you in this place. After walking with the sadness that you feel in the middle of that valley. After all that?

Joy comes in the morning! And today? They are completely overwhelmed with joy and love! They are consumed with getting everything ready for their sweet Khloe!

And we? Can partner with them!

They have launched an iPad Bundle Giveaway fundraisers, and for only $5 you can enter to win over $500 (!!) worth of Apple love!! But you have to hurry! This giveaway ends on February 22nd!

iPad Mini, Targus iPad cover, Apple earbuds with microphone and $100 iTunes Gift Card!

Please consider being part of their story with me! 
Go HERE for more information and to buy your tickets!


The Husband said...

You have such a great and giving heart :)

susan tebos said...

Your site is beautiful. Your purpose divine.

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