Friday, January 25, 2013


In our household, the lion is revered.

Marvel adores the lion.

He aspires to be a lion.



King of the jungle.


When bravery is needed, we often refer to him as Embassa Marvel.

When courage is expressed, he will announce to the world, loudly..

Embassa MARVEL!

He thinks that it is in these great and daring feats that he manifests that Embassa quality..

But frankly, I see it when he walks into his own bedroom at night to go to sleep.

I see Embassa Marvel when I drop him off at school or he starts a new activity, filled with strangers.

I see my little lion in the way--despite his reservations-- he will go shake someone's hand when introduced.

He may think he becomes Embassa by climbing daringly on the playground equipment.

But I saw Embassa Marvel from the very beginning....

Embassa Marvel letting me show him pictures...What a brave boy he was that day.


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God has big plans for that sweet boy!

Rene' said...

beautifully written :)

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