Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 Hopes for 2013

New Year's Resolutions are generally a huge fail for me.

They are [most of the time] the things I didn't have TIME for this year.

So it's often just wishful thinking to assume that I will have more time for resolutions in the coming season of life.

One that now includes a rambunctious 5 year old and all his activities...

Plans and Paper-Chasing for a second little one to join our crazy family!

Job and life changes galore...

And yet...

I have great hopes for the coming year. I am in expectation and joyful longing as I look ahead.

So rather than shame myself with a list of resolutions of things that I didn't make or have time for this year, instead I am mingling together those things that I desire growth in with the things God has already impressed on my heart and moved me to action to in my daily life.

1.  Brush my teeth twice daily and floss daily.  This may seem like a no-brainer but I really need to do better! For realz, yo.

2.  Go on a date with my husband and my son (respectively) at least once each month! As Marvel would say, "Easy Peasy" ;-)

3. Organize the closet and cabinet mayhem that has become my home (this deserves a whole series!). I believe that my spirit and mental clarity are probably adversely affected by the chaos of disorganization in my home and I want better for my family than that!

4.  Meal plan each month. This is important not only for the sake of money and time but also because I want to focus on moving to Clean Eating for the family this year!

5.  Read more. I had a friend read 52 books this year and ultimately I am shooting for that! But more than the number, I want to read more about things that stir up the Spirit inside me..things that challenge me to do more and live better.

6.   Give more words of affirmation. Especially to people I don't *think* deserve them and in times when it would be easier to use words that cut.

7. Turn our backyard into an oasis instead of the war zone Moses The Menice has turned it into!  Add a clothes line and maybe even a garden. Reinstate the beauty of our herb garden. Have fresh and organic food to eat and bless others with!

8.  Do at least one RAOK every month! Hidden and without any recognition. Simply because God leads me to. Which means I need to be listening to Him more!

9.  Give generously to things that end inequality. Spend my money in a way that takes the power of money and redistributes it as only the power of God can. God's Kingdom come.

10.  Pray daily..not like the "in the car, talking to God" kind but the real, give ALL my attention to the one I love kind.  The kind that the daily grind often steals and destroys. The kind that I desperately need. The kind we all need. The kind that turns the sparks in my spirit into a flame for the desires of God's heart to be realized on this earth!

11. Share something "new" with Marvel every month.

12.  Learn how to do a new skill and bless someone with it. Like knitting scarves for women in nursing homes.

13.  Gain a revelation about living by Faith, trusting in God as my Provider and believing in miracles. Accept the challenging seasons that might require. And trust God through that.

Anticipation is the feeling I have as we move into this new year. Anticipation  for the things God will reveal and renew within me. Anticipation for natural and supernatural blessings in the lives of so many people that come to mind. Anticipation in what is to come.

Great Anticipation.

Good things are ahead.

Happy New Year!


Rene' said...

awesome, again. Great hopes! I hope u attain them :)

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