Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big-Fun-Amazing Announcement!

That's right!!

We are ready to announce some amazing news!

We are officially working on our SECOND adoption!

I wish I could sit down over coffee with you and go back and start at the very beginning.

Sitting in the orphanage where we were thanking the caretakers for so fully loving our son.

Feeling those pangs in our spirit.

Trying to brush them off--yet recognizing that God was doing something in those moments...

You see, we hadn't been thinking about a second adoption so quickly.

Frankly?  Our finances don't currently line up....

But we came home and inquired anyways... As it would turn out, there were children WAITING for families.


We were a family who had chosen to adopt older for that very reason. We believed a child was WAITING for us at that moment.

And so we prayed. And worried (okay, that was just me). And contemplated. And talked to our Social Worker. And were told we'd have to wait... Then told we wouldn't...

And before long?

Every door had opened up for us to jump back in!

I can't divulge too much more than that right now...only to say that we anticipate this second adoption might go significantly faster than the first.

I'm filled with joy and excitement. Anticipation and worry. All those things I remember from those first days.. years ago.

But this time around, I've got a few lesson in Patience and Pursuit under my belt. I'm no expert (for sure) but I'm a few lessons closer than I was before!

We would love your prayers and partnership (as our village) as we re-join this crazy world.

  • We are believing for miracles in our finances and in this journey to our SECOND baby!!

  • We are believing that God is going before us and preparing us (and our children) for this new "real"

  • We are believing that we have what it takes to withstand the roller-coaster-like-journey that we know adoption can be...

  • We are trusting that God has impressed on us to jump in and therefore He will make us ready!

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement as we venture into the [slightly less] unknown!

P.S. If you're wondering, Marvel prefers a brother. Or another dog. (because of course he does)


Lari said...

Yay! Very excited for you. Can't wait til we're back on the journey too.

Erica said...

So exciting!!!

Erica said...

So exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!!! ~Nicona :)

Sean Larkin said...

Nely and I are extremely excited for you guys! We love you and we are behind you 100%!!!

Christie said...

Yay! I'm very excited for your family and for the next little one getting to join it!!!! Keep us updated!!

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