Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shock and Awe.

That pretty much describes my emotions yesterday.

First, shock.

We were 99% sure (the same way a pregnant woman might think she is) that our referral would be a boy. We hadn't specified and we certainly didn't care...but in the course of things, we had just assumed things would go a certain way (we should have known better since NOTHING in this process has gone as planned) =)

and we were 100% sure that nothing would be happening any time soon. Last we heard, nothing was expected to move for a while. Paperwork nonsense...clarification....bleh.

So, to get the call?  

To realize that in that moment our lives were changing?

Yes. Shock.

But in shock and awe....The awe is the best part.

We immediately felt immensely blessed as we looked at our daughter's big beautiful dow-eyes and small frame.

We were in love with her serious expression and what was described as her "reserved" personality.

And we were overwhelmed by the spiritual and natural redemption that adoption brings.

When we looked at her face and read about her story, all we could think was...

She is our daughter.

We hope to never take for granted how blessed we are that God has chosen us to protect, shepherd, and steward her life...even for a short time.

We may have initially been shocked. But it was the awe that changed us forever.


Erica said...

I'm crying again :) I just love your heart. Thank you for sharing your emotions. I really needed to hear it and feel it along with you tonight. It gives me hope and a renewed sense of expectation!

Matt and Sarah said...

Aww! This made me cry! SO incredibly excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to finally see her beautiful picture!

Christy T. said...

Oh, Ashley!!! I'm sobbing with joy for you!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! I know the wait was hard, but if it hadn't been for that wait, she wouldn't be your daughter! God is so smart! Can't wait to hear all the details! :)

Lauren said...

OH MY!!! Congratulations!! A daughter!! How special!!!! So very happy for you! :)

Christie said...

CONGRATULATIONS, ASHLEY!!!!! OH HOW EXCITING!!!! I can't wait to hear more about her and see her pictures AS SOON AS you pass court!!!! Congratulations on your daughter!!!

Krisa said...

Congratulations! I'm quite sure that that "AWE and Wonder" will never wear off!!! What a blessing God has poured out on your family!

Rene' said...

awww, so happy for u guys!!! when does she come home! how old will she be? congrats!

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