Monday, August 1, 2011

Letters to my Child: While you are sleeping.

Right now, it's 12:30am in Ethiopia.

I am sure you are sleeping (at least you better be). I can't help but sit here and wonder what you look like sleeping. If, even now, you're smiling in your dreams...I wonder if your little eyes flutter as your mind takes over and you dream peacefully tonight.

I wish I could gently kiss you face and say a prayer over your little body tonight. Praying that God would hold you close in His embrace. That you would seek after the things of God all the days of your life. That His perfect destiny for your life would be fulfilled and you would know Him more deeply than I could even imagine.

I would pray that you would have confidence to stand up for what's right, even if it's not easy. And that the influence that God gives could be used to bring others to the realization that God's love is better than anything you could chase after in this world.

I would pray that you would be able to accomplish everything you put your mind to. And that even in those times when you don't, that you would be courageous in your attempts...that you would be gracious in your defeats... and that you would be strong enough to try again.

I would pray that you would listen closely when God speaks and you would carefully follow His directing.

I would pray for your husband/wife. That he/she would balance you completely. Where you are weak, that he/she would be strong and where he/she is weak, that your strength would minimize those weaknesses. That together, you would be a witness to the power of faith, and love, and endurance. 

I would pray that you know the joy of spontaneity and childlike ways. That you would never be too big, or too proud to simply play.  That laughter would fill your life.

I would  pray that you would be quick to compassion. And that you would challenge us daily to love and give more fully.

I would pray that each day with you, I would understand more fully the love of our Father. That I would be challenged to be a better person and that I would grow in faith and love and courage just from being blessed to be your mommy.

I would watch you resting and imagine what you would be dreaming about. I would pray that your dreams  always make you smile and that the comfort and peace of God give you rest.

All while you are sleeping.

Rest Peacefully Dear Child.
I love you across the ocean and back.


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