Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Much of our process pursuing Little Smith has been.....


challenging. (to say the least)

Like this point, early in the process, where I realized the irony of the "hurry up and wait" philosophy.

Or, how about when I caved--despite my best efforts to remain strong and look "cool"!

Or even the lessons I have learned in Patience (over and over and over again) and Pursuit.

In fact....God never once told us this journey would be easy..We expected it to be somewhat painful...and possibly even make us a little crazy.

But this? This business of taking my phone with me to the bathroom everywhere I go just in case we get "The Call"?

Yelling at Telemarketers for using valuable phone time during which my agency may be trying to call me (and may God help you if I miss their call because I am on the phone yelling at you)?

Well, that's?

just a whole new level of crazy...

Don't forget to keep your guesses coming! =)


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