Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday's prayer requests...

Since we typically have a renewed spirit on Sundays...I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the requests I have (also, if you would like your prayer requests listed--just email me ahead of time)

1. We believe that God has called us to adoption for a lifetime, and we want Him to get all the glory from it. Especially when it comes to finances. We still need approximately $10,000 for our two trips to Africa to get our baby! We believe God WANTS the glory and we are more than happy for Him to show Himself mighty in this journey He placed us on!

2. I was recently exposed to pink eye. Oh yes, the beautiful disgusting eye disease. I would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery. and, in the name of vanity, a less disgusting look =)

3. I recently met a family who is currently preparing for their court date in Ethiopia and I am asking for you to pray for God's favor in their situation. I hope that in a few short months I am asking and EXPECTING your prayers when we are in their shoes!

4.   I would ask you to pray for the orphans of the world, that God would impress on more hearts the value of those lives as so, incredibly, precious to Him..and that every child would find the love and security of a forever family

5. As we are in transition from our ministry positions, please pray that the right people would be led into those areas and that the transition would remain smooth and that God's favor would be over every aspect of it.

6.  Lastly, always, always, always if you pray for only one thing, pray for God's protection, love, security, and comfort to surround, embrace, and attach itself to Baby Smith until we can get there.

I hope that, even if you choose not to add these things to your prayer list, that you are encouraged to pray. Pray everyday. Pursue the God that so fervently pursues you.


Ashley said...

Praying for you!!

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