Friday, December 31, 2010

3: The number of people in our family.

Also the number of months we have been waiting for you. So to commemorate this moment, I have devised our "Top 3" lists...because, honestly, if we get to 10...I am positive  I won't be in the mood for lightheartedness =).

Top 3 things you will learn to love:

** Music/Singing/Worship/Making 80's jingles out of billboards.
** Arkansas Razorbacks: Specifically football though we won't complain if you also support other sports
** Festivals: We frequent most of them...year-round.

Top 3 things you should have aversions to:

** LSU (Sorry LA friends...It is what it is)
** Ole' Miss: You're too young to know the details but regardless.....
** Prius'

Top 3 things you'll eat (and love):

** Your mommy's lemon chicken.  It's her signature (Don't break your mommy's heart)
** Smith Family Trash Can. Your daddy's specialty
** Homemade queso and salsa

Top 3 books we can't wait to read with you:

** Madeline (Mommy's favorite)
** Goodnight Moon
** Hungry Hungry Caterpillar

Top 3 things we can't wait to do with you:

** Cuddle
** Play games
** Give lots and lots of kisses!

Top 3 things we want to tell you:

** We love you!
** We love you!
** We love you!


Randee said...

Love this! I agree with a top 3 vs. a top 10- hopefully it won't come to that :)

Rene' said...

love it. you'll want to share this and the dream one after it with them when they get bigger

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