Thursday, April 8, 2010

I wonder what that means....

I have always been fascinated with words. Meanings of words, origins of words, names. any word, really, and I find myself realizing which words are most common in my vocabulary and what message those words send to others...Do I use the words in their intended form? Do I minimize the significance?...e.g. I used to say things like "killer awesome" to describe something as especially great...until I lost a friend to a real "killer". Then the significance of the word became incredibly clear to me...and made me think...what other words have I lost significance of? 

Adorable: (adj) \ə-ˈdr-ə-bəl\
1. Worthy of being  adored.

When I think of the word "adorable", God isn't the first thing that comes to my mind, although when I read the definition of the word- He is....In fact, the first TWO things that come to mind when I think of the word "adorable" are children and puppies...what a far cry from the Creator of the Universe!! Like most things, we "adapt" the meanings and significance of words to fit what we want them to be...."Love" for instance means "To hold dear or cherish; To like or desire actively : take pleasure in; To thrive in"   and yet still we LOVE pizza, we LOVE the movies, we LOVE clothing...Yes, we LOVE our families, God, and important activities (which is the intended meaning) but haven't we lost, somewhere, the significance of the word?? And there are so many more examples: Awesome, Wicked, Hate, Killer....the list goes on and on...

You may be asking here, "What is the point, Ashley?"
The point is this: God is the one who is worthy of our adoration, He is the one who's 'Adorable'...and yet, He--Creator of the universe, Alpha and Omega, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords-- adores US.

That's right. We are worthy of nothing, sinners saved by grace; messed up, failing and filthy humans who have only ever earned death, and yet He came. Gave His life. For us. Why? Because he adores us.

Adore: (transition verb)  \ə-ˈdr\
1. To regard with loving admiration and devotion
2. To be very fond of
 Before you ever agreed to give him your life, before you understood the cost of his gift, before you were ever EVEN born...God adored you.

Song of Solomon 4:9(b) says "You have stolen my heart with one glance of your eye"
And if that isn't adoration, I don't know what is...So when you use that word, even in its most insignificant context, remember that one One who is truly "adorable" has chosen YOU to adore. 

Next time you feel like you are walking alone on your journey, when you feel lonely, hurting, cast away and persecuted...Remember, that He adores you....  

Til' next time,


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