Thursday, October 8, 2009

Out with the old...In with the new!

I have recently become very frustrated with my beautiful blog template...various things were disappearing and I was being forced to learn more about editing HTML's than I have ever anticipated. So, while this one  doesn't make me want to puke is nice enough,  although certainly not as unique as my previous template... it doesn't appear to be giving me the grief that my beautiful one was giving......c'est la vie..

I will have to re-add all my fun side sections at a more convenient time. Hopefully I can find it somewhere deep inside to be satisfied with the way it looks...changing templates is a pain.

Til next time.


Rene' said...

so sorry, but its better to spend time doing things u like instead of fixing the html stuff. so its probably good :)

*Ashley Lou* said...

I agree! Plus, I don't even know what html it's probably better that I don't mess with it =)

Jen said...

See..I never would have guessed that you didn't love this one too. I LOVE it. Totally my colors and design! And ya, I have to agree with Rene....having a cool looking blog is just WAYYYYYY down on the bottom of the priority list...if it even makes it on the list at all. Thus why my blogs are extremely boring looking. I'm doing good just to post! ha ha

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