Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There's a [slight] chance....

Today I got up like any other day...up by 6:30, breakfast by 7:00..but then after that, everything's a blur...and somehow I ended up not getting to work until 9:30..Before you think I am going to get fired, my boss doesn't actually CARE what time I get in the office as long as I am meeting my goals. Now, there's the real issue, getting to work at 9:30 (or later) is not going to help me meet or exceed my goals. Its one of the MANY things on my mind tonight..which is why I couldn't rubber band everything on my mind into one stream of thought...I am not going to lie to you guys, I got the header from a book someone gave me called "There's a [slight] chance I am going to Hell" but the smorgasbord issues are ALL MINE ... So, while there is no chance of my going to Hell, there is a long list of OTHER slight chances in my life... enjoy!

There's a [slight] chance: I will never be a good housewife. Don't get me wrong, I really REALLY try but I just HATE housework. People who know my organizational skills would be surprised by how messy my house can get. I am afraid, in this aspect, I am [slightly] a lost cause...

There's a [slight] chance: I am losing my mind. For Real. Need an example? Ok, today (as you have already noted) did not start off on very good footing. Then, after a not-so-successful day in the office (not for lack of trying) I made my way to the local ERAC to pick up the rental car needed for tomorrow (and even went early) then headed to the gym for class at 5. Sitting in the parking lot of the gym, I noticed something missing....Oh yes, my gym bag...Can I make it back to 48th and Memorial and back to BA in half an hour at 5pm?? no, probably not..So I headed home, only to discover that not only were my house keys missing (still are) but I left the garage door opener in my car, still sitting at 48th and Memorial..eeek! How am I going to get into my house without the garage door opener or a house key?!?! Thank the Lord Jesus my husband had left a key under the mat (not normal) friday night for friends and hadn't picked it up.. Needless to say, I am concerned about my mental stability after today's events :-/

There's a [slight] chance: that I could be a better wife. It's possible I give myself too much credit. I generally DON'T endorse or listen to Dr. Laura (she's a little mean for my taste, but to each his own) but happened to catch part of her show the other day after Dave Ramsey...Interestingly enough, I was convicted about my current state of being. She talked about making your husband want to come home (not that mine has ever NOT come home) by acting like his girlfriend...eh, yeah, I could probably do that more. I get so aggravated because he is NEVER serious and NEVER talks about serious issues with me, usually just letting me handle it..but maybe if I didn't approach him with it and instead just made him feel loved and enjoyed and good enough EXACTLY the way he is, he would be more inclined to share responsibility with me... I mean, it's not like I didn't know his personality when I agreed to stay with him 'til death do us part'... I just didn't NEED to share issues with him, mine were mine, his were his, and, well, now it's a little different (ha ha)...Darn you, Dr. Laura...I don't even like her?!?!

There's a [slight] chance: I give myself too much "wiggle room" in the forgiveness department. Chris totally called me out (without actually calling ME out) at OneWorship Friday night when he talked about 'saying you forgive someone but then not engaging in relationships with those people because you don't to put yourself in those situations again'..I totally do that. Now, don't give him too much credit, God didn't tell him that; I DID, in a conversation a few weeks earlier...but nonetheless, it's probably something I could work on. No excuse, but I just feel like I should protect myself from people repeatedly hurting me (probably from years of hurts)...I guess, now that I think about it..that's not exactly what Jesus had in mind with that whole "turn the other cheek" verse...hmmm.... There's a [slight] chance I still have some work to do on forgiveness.

Now for the fun stuff:

There's a [slight] chance: that I have flat feet...I usually tell people that I have "fallen arches" but that's just to make me feel better...They're pretty flat!

There's a [slight] chance: that I will never be in a good of shape as some of you (ahem, Jen..Rene) 1. I really don't like working out as much as you obviously do 2. I really REALLY like sweets 3. I'm 'big-boned'...right?!?! :-)

There's a [slight] chance: I'm an addict. I gave up tanning after that crazy report about tanning being like arsenic (?!) but it's been really hard. I have stocked up on all the self-tanning mosturizers, allowed myself to get lobster burned on the river Sat (just for the CHANCE that I would get a little darker) and I have even (gasp) started to backslide from my original ban..saying that in the winter I might tan once a week "just for the vitamin D"...I'm a sad case...

There's a [slight] chance: that I lied to my husband about having ice cream last week. Story: We were heading to the church on some day (can't remember exactly) and had talked about getting ice cream on the way in...We drove separately and since he left before me I *thought* we were just getting ice cream on our own...so I did, a double dip cone (and no, I didn't even get frozen yogurt)...then, I get to church only for him to jump in the car to go get our ice cream..what was I to do?? So yes, I ate TWO double dip cones that day (this is also why I will never be in as good of shape as you) and lied to my husband about it :-)

There's a [slight] chance: that I am wrong more often that I would ever admit to anyone :-)

There's a [slight] chance: that I care too much what other people think...

And finally~

There's a [slight] chance: that I am going to eat ice cream again tonight too :-) Don't worry, I only have Skinny Cow in my house (darn you, Rene!!) :-)

Only one thing left on my mind tonight, I pray this blessing over my life and your life today and everyday:

"The LORD bless you, and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine on you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance on you,
And give you peace." Amen.



Jen said...

Oh! My! Gosh! There's a [slight] chance that I may be related to you! HA HA HA...you are HILARIOUS! I love, love, loved that post!
I totally giggled out loud when I read the part about you not being as fit as me and Rene because you LOVE sweets and are big-boned, right?!! HA HA (me too!) and you don't like to work out as much as us? Well, just wait...it's a slow-developing addiction. It took me 5 years to get to this point!
By the way, not to get all serious on you, but I have to remind you that you, my friend, have the MIND OF CHRIST and you are definitely not "losing it." You are just a woman. It's what we do. I just read this morning in 1 Peter 3 about "husbands love your wives as the weaker vessel". By us having our "blonde moments" here and there, we allow them the upper hand, which makes them feel more MANLY I think. (or at least thats what I'm claiming as to why I'm such a ditz sometimes!)
You are hilarious, a blessing to have met and from the sounds of it, an awesome wife. Give God more credit---He created you and He knew EXACTLY what He was doing. He makes no mistakes!
Love ya girl!

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