Thursday, July 9, 2009

Party Pooper

Well, I decided to take the few minutes I have free today and blog a little. I have been so busy and in a good way. Work is going really well, and although I need to focus a little harder on new time has been very busy with the ones I currently have! How am I supposed to cultivate new relationships when I can barely keep up with the ones I have now?!? I find in amusing that as hard as I try to be organized I can still manage to get SO FAR BEHIND at work and at home.

I truly haven't had more than 15 minutes at a time at home, and I certainly haven't used that time to clean my house. Unfortunately for me, when my house in a disarray, that carries over to everything else in my life. I not only run around ragged but have become incredibly forgetful! I totally blame that on a messy house. I just don't know when to get to it?!?! This week, my week looked like this: Monday night-Worked until 6:30; Tuesday night- Started my day at 7:15 at CNE and was still in meetings at 6:30 that night; Wednesday night- Worked until 5:30 and headed to church..Got home at 9pm; Thursday night- Events from 10am-7pm then church until 8:30; Friday night ( well I suppose I COULD clean some Friday night); Saturday- Car Wash from 9am-3pm and Sunday-Church...See?? I do NOT make this stuff up!!

And now I am adding on top of everything else school (which I start in less than a month) and I just can't imagine what else could fall by the wayside...I have missed my favorite classes all week and unfortunately, I don't see that changing any time soon..It's just a busy time of year! Of course, any time of year is a busy time of year for my family!! I am really tired..I wish I could sleep well, work out, go to work, clean my house, handle the youth group, go to school and be a good wife and balance it all well enough to earn an award but I just don't see that happening...

Honestly sometimes I worry about (with all these plates balancing) which one will be the next to fall?? I have already lost sleep well and clean house to the pit below my balance beam...
I realize how much it SOUNDS like I am complaining but if I can't complain on my own blog, then nothing is sacred. Til next time, Ashley


Rene' said...

I'm glad other people are concerned with trying to "do it all" too. If we just had livin-in housekeepers and chefs, that would help a lot, don't u think?

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