Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitty Drama

These past few days have been so tough. We have been so diligent giving our cat her insulin shots twice daily...and making sure she is only eating the high-fiber/low-sugar diet, not to mention that we took her BACK to the vet today for the shot required to get rid of the urinary tract infection she had...And claire has taken it all in stride, UNTIL the shot this morning. She starting crying during the shot that, according to the vet, she would start to get used to (mind you, she hasn't cried about them up to this point) and again tonight, and tonight it almost brought tears to my eyes because it was such a defeated cry. I don't really know if animals can tell our emotions the way we *Think* we can tell theirs. I hope so, because I really want her to know that we haven't decided we hate her by injecting her all the time and that its actually the opposite of that. It made me sick to my stomach tonight because I know that I can't keep doing this unless it reall does seem easier for her..Crazy huh, how much we will do for our pets??

In other news, we were placed *officially* on the ministry team last night (Thursday) and it was bittersweet. Its important to be trained and raised up in order to fulfill our destinies but I certainly felt like a fish out of water. Nothing about me in that meeting really fits where I feel I deserve to be. I wonder how confident they would be if they saw me the way I saw me???
Boy, oh boy...

Jeremiah also managed to roll his ankle today on the way out of the vet's office ( Don't worry, he didn't drop the cat) and it looked pretty bad. He sent me a picture telling me how bad it was only to then argue with me when I suggested we ask our mom's and possibly go to the doctor. None of those were acceptable options, I suppose sulking in self-pity and pain is a reasonable suggestion after all!! So he will, until Monday, when he has agreed to go to the doctor if it's not better by then!

It seems like another day, another story. I hope I look back and think "How trivial" about these things because right now they are certainly filling my mind and my time. good rest will be my company tonight, I hope...Work comes early tomorrow morning!! :-)


Rene' said...

aawww, that makes me so sad about the description of the kitty. poor thing crying. That was funny about J sulking. :) Didn't know u had a blog till I tracked down this link-u should have told me silly!

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