Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cats have nine lives

Today was an interesting day...Full of cat fur, hissing and spitting, and death glares. Yes, we took a trip to the vet today. While I was gone to OKC this weekend, Jeremiah did some research on our cat Claire's new behavior of sitting by the water bowl all the time and filling the litter box more than usual. He sent me a text with all the different diseases she could have and really concerned me by telling me to take her to the vet (keep in mind, spending money on animals isn't his forte'). It turns out, his intuition was correct...poor Claire is a diabetic kitty, complete with insulin medication and a new prescription diet. Hopefully we can be successful at this insulin stuff. We haven't been very good at our animals prescriptions thus far but this is a lot more urgent than Norman's ear drops :-) I haven't had a very successful day, no working out, no cleaning house, I'm not even sure I showered. I need to get my priorities back in order... Getting up with the alarm (cough cough) praying, working out, being successful and consistent at work, running, and CLEANING my house!!! Tomorrow is a new day and I can be a new person. I can...really.

Good night.


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