Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In My Own Words

I have never been good at diaries...I never have anything really juicy to write and I tend to lose the journal after a few entries of nothingness. So I am trying something new. I don't necessarily believe that anyone really cares if Jeremiah got a gym membership or if I had a successful day at work, but I enjoy ending the day by reflecting back on the awesome things God has done for me. I intend to use this "Online Diary System" as a tool for that and a way of having those thoughts archived..Who knows, maybe they'll make my memoir someday....Oh the juicy details of a happily monogomous marriage, two people who work hard and love what they do and (gasp) love each other and God! Not quite the life that Hollywood glamourizes but I think God is pleased...at least until I slam a door because my husband is childish, AGAIN!!! I'm trying to learn a balance of transparency. I tend to pull towards the "keep a wall up" side of the fence while I know people who lean towards the "tell everyone about your colonoscopy" side of the fence...I am a firm believer in balance and will try to even admit my own shortcomings on my blog. Not because you have any right to that information, but because if I hold it in, than I am assuming I have the right to look perfect....and my Jesus didn't die so that I could put on a good face for the public...he's far more interested in my heart, and I am too..... Who knows, maybe this will end up being more interesting than I originally thought....hmm...

Stay Tuned.


Rene' said...

I like this. Very good opening post!

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