Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Settling In

I know you're probably all wondering where I've been...

Just sitting in front of your computers lamenting over my lack of blogginess. ??

Wandering through life in a post-less fog.

Well, fear not. After 6 weeks....Life is settling in. 

We have a routine.

We're sleeping through the night.

And I am finally not hanging on by a thread day in. day out.

I'm no good without sleep. for real, ya'll.

So I am hoping to get back in the swing of posting all about our little life.

You know the easy, fun, lighthearted stuff.

Of course. Since that's what I's probably not what will happen.

But instead, brewing inside of me? Are those deep, real, challenging things. Those things that we try to bury and avoid until God boils the pot over and we can't ignore them any longer.

I'm hoping to pen them soon enough.

So, until then?  Here's my little man modeling an awesome shirt supporting our friends!

You can get one too by clicking HERE.  A shirt that is. That kid is taken forever. =)


Krisa said...

He's a keeper! I'm glad you all are finding your 'sweet spot' together. And....thank you Lord for sleep.

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