Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..

Lately I've been trying to remember all the little things that are already disappearing.

The way he babbles in Amharic.

The way he thinks "are you sure" for some reason means "shower"

The way he wore that backpack everywhere.

And then my friend, Ashley, wrote a post listing all the things she loves about her sweet girl and I was inspired.

Dear sweet Marvel, I can not express to you the joy you bring me...even when I want to lock you in the backyard for a few hours.  You are such an amazing, special, smart boy and I am constantly torn by the joy and gratefulness I feel for getting to be your mommy and remembering there are people halfway around the world missing out on all your sweet moments. It is bittersweet and I will try to never take that for granted. Here are a few of the things that steal my heart these days:

1.  I love the way you say "Oooh Noooo!" about so many things. Sometimes perfectly in context...other times? not so much!

2. I love the way you give kisses, fist on the lips, then each cheek, then my forehead, then my nose and then back to the lips!! It takes a few minutes but I don't mind. I need the reminder to slow down anyways!

3.  I love the way you announce EVERYTHING: "Marvel, ka-ka", "Marvel bedroom", "Marvel bawkah!",  "Marvel outside".   It wears on my nerves sometimes, but I know this won't last forever and there will come a day when I may have to force you just to tell me hello!

4.  I love the way I can tell you "I love you Marvel" and you immediately reply with "I love you Mommy"

5.  I love the way you cuddle, right on top of me with your arms draped....

6.  I love the way you can be calmed by holding my hand at night and the way you hop right up in the morning like you've just been waiting for me to get up!

7.  I love the way you've starting putting words together into sentences "You like it!" (you really mean "I like it"), "Get Outta Here Moses", "Mommy, what's firest?" (you really mean "what's next"), "Close the door", "Closed mouth" (when eating). "Silly boy"... It's so cute and I am amazed every day by what new words you have added!

8.  I love the way I randomly catch you singing or humming songs; "Jesus Loves Me", "The Numbers Song", "The Olympics Anthem"'s a beautiful sound to your mommy's ears!

9. I love how you can't seem to grasp the concept of starting school but you get so excited when we go by the church! Good thing they're close together ;-)

10.  I love the way you love water, Spiderman and yellow! If I could, sweet one, I would build you a world filled with swimming pools, Spiderman and everything would be yellow =)

11.  The way anytime Daddy gives me a hug, you run over to join in! You LOVE family hugs and I do too!

12.  I love the way you try so HARD to be a good boy and do the right thing. The words "Sorry!" are often heard but you strive to do the right thing and I love that that is already grounded in your personality!

13.  I love the way you cover your eyes (and/or ears) when we watch or listen to something you don't want to. Its comparable to throwing a fit but its cute and short-lived (see above) so we can manage.

14. I love the way you ride away on your Big Wheels and say "Chow" to everyone as you drive off.  "Chow mommy, Chow Moses See you later alligator" =))

15.  Most of all, I love your bravery and fearlessness. I see many opportunities to channel that in the coming years but for now I stand in awe of your resilience and ability to love. You've had your world turned upside down no less than three times and yet your heart is soft and your bravery is unparalleled. 

I look forward to all the new ways you will bring me joy and all the things I will want to remember through the years.

I love you more, sweet one.


Don't mind my giant monster arms =)


Randee said...

Love, Love, LOVE! It sounds like you definitely got your boy that loves his mama =) Way to make me cry!

Ashley said...

Love this! Great thinking! =)

Jennifer P said...

Love this!

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