Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We need your help!

This is one of my dearest friends. They have been in the process of adopting a child (off and on) for several years and due to some more "traditional" family changes, it had gotten moved back a couple time times...

But NOW? They have been matched! What an amazing, jubilant, time in their lives! Their sweet little baby is going to be born sometime around Christmas. The BM's story is a difficult one, one that has brought her to the place of realizing that she can't raise this child, but not one that's beyond the grace or abundant love of our Heavenly Father! And we are praying and believing for a huge transformation in this young girl's life as well.

So, here is the scoop!

My friends are on a mad-dash selling shirts. They need a HUGE sum of money in the next week (HUGE, people!) but I have seen those whose hearts are for the orphans come together time and time again to work to set these children in families!

This is one of those times! This is SO important, people! So important, in fact, that I am going to add another level to this.

If you buy a shirt from the Wards and leave a comment on this post, I will enter you to win a Journey of Love item (anything we currently make/sell).
(P.S. I have a habit of awarding extra stuff as well so don't let the "one winner" thing stop you!)

If you share this post on your blog, you get an additional entry.

Facebook? Twitter? Another entry for those as well!

That's three entries for one shirt purchase and an additional entry for each additional shirt bought!


We can do this, friends! The body of Christ can come together in perfect unity and display the love of our Father (the one who adopted us out of darkness) to this amazing family!!!!

Please do what you can to help!

Don't forget to order your t-shirt HERE--then leave a comment to have your name added to the drawing!


Ashley said...

I just ordered a shirt! Also going to share on my blog and facebook. =)

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