Monday, June 29, 2009

What's that word that you use for people who never do anything??

LAZY....and for those who may have attempted following my "blog"...that's what it appears I am. But I swear my life is no less complex and busy than it was 4 months ago..I just forgot...Yes, that's a better word for it "FORGETFUL". I honestly felt compelled to write another post after my great friend Rene realized I even HAD a blog and commented on my notes from Feb. and then when I decided to check out her comments, I realized she has been incredibly faithful to hers...oops.

So much has gone on since February that I almost just have to start new today and hope you can all catch up (ha ha...all, as if there are so many of you!!) We have an incredible summer planned for our youth group, but as with everything in life, where there is progress, there is also attack. I feel pretty attacked lately by the devil and I am consciously trying to move in prayer and not bitterness or defeat. I feel confident that I am doing what God wants me to (at least for today) and I just have to press through the hardships that will, no doubt, come with it. I only have two "free" Saturdays this entire summer and I am about to fill one of them with a CPR certification class at the local Red Cross. I really need to get better organized about housework and originally, I had planned to leave Sat. mornings free for that. But, alas, if there is an opportunity to plan something else on Saturdays, I will once again throw housework by the wayside. Can someone just come do it for me?

In other news, the weekend before we took our bomb of a vacation (aka cruise to the Bahamas), I ran my first 5K at the OK Aquarium, and did alright even by my own standards. I say first 5K, not because I intend to run them all the time, but more because since I now know I CAN do it, I don't see why I couldn't do a few every year...What, it's for a good cause (and you get a t-shirt) :-) I have also stayed pretty consistent at the gym and with my group classes, so much so that I am a "staple" in the classes and even have my own "spot". I am not extremely friendly when I work out but that hasn't stopped me from making a few "acquaintances" along the way and boy, do they motivate me when I am ready to quit! Its been really good for me.

I am looking forward to our 4th of July celebrations this weekend. Friday, we will be heading to Springfield for their festival and meeting some extremely DEAR friends there to enjoy the day with! Then Saturday, we will head over to some friends in town's home to WATCH the locals blow up the sky, eat some good BBQ, and swim the heat away! I will be exhausted on Sunday (when I am covering Children's Church) but I will never regret a single moment.

I really hope I can do a better job of documenting my life on here. I read my first post as motivation and instead of feeling motivated, I simply wanted to delete it so that there was no real evidence that I had intended to be a great blogger. I need to get lessons from a few of you seasoned, for instance...what do all the abbreviations mean? I feel lost sometimes, like I am in a foreign land, but I guess...when in Rome, do as the Romans do!



Rene' said...

wow you wrote again! I'm excited to read it. I'm glad to hear that even tho u aren't "nice" at the gym, u are being motivated by your gym friends-see it really works :)

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