Monday, June 18, 2012

Ethiopia Part II

During our trip to Ethiopia, we were blessed to have the opportunity to travel to the region Marvel was originally from. It was a beautiful 5 hour drive that allowed us to see so much more of Ethiopia than just the Capital city of Addis Ababa. While the trip proved to be emotionally trying, we are so thankful we took the that opportunity!!! Here are a few pictures of our trip to Awassa.

On our way out of Addis..Lots of hardworking, beautiful women!

Donkeys are still a common form of goods-transportation

Thatch roof huts set back away from the road. Tried to get pictures
but they were never very close to the road

Huts behind their own "privacy fence" =)

These beautiful red/orange trees were in full bloom and completely breathtaking!

yep...This is exactly what it looks like. Camels crossing the road!

Our driver told us that Ethiopia (this region) breeds Camels
and sells them to Arab countries. Very Interesting indeed!

Beautiful view of Lake Awassa from the Haile Resort
(Resort is owned by a famous runner Haille Gebrselassie)

The resort we stayed at was incredibly nice. Surprisingly nice, in fact

A beautiful natural creek that we fell in love with! If you look
close, you can see women washing clothes in the distance!

And finally, our driver had to make a stop for some meat for his father.
This is how you buy meat in Ethiopia =)
During our time in Ethiopia. we made it a point to go visit Marvel at least every day...this trip actually took two days out of that equation. But the benefit of meeting some incredibly special people, seeing so much of the Ethiopian countryside and learning bits and pieces of our son's early life was valuable beyond words.

As much as it pained me to know that we wouldn't be able to visit him these days, I know that as he gets older, the information we were able to get will bring so much more than those two visits would have!!

We're coming to get you soon, Sweet Boy!


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