Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have a blog?

Blogging is over-rated. Don't get me wrong, it has been such a blessing to have an outlet to express my self with the written word, but it can also be bothersome....I love it. But it IS just one more thing that, when I think about it, I simply think "You are behind on that". Is that even possible?? Isn't it supposed to be an asset to your life, not a burden?? One thing I have found to be certain about myself is that, I really don't know anything less than full-force.  Oh, don't worry, it isn't an arrogance issue, in fact, I really wish I had a better understanding of this thing they call "balance". People say "You are NOTHING if not passionate" and I shudder a little and think "yah, tell me about it...."

Lately, I have been consumed by the story of Jacob. A man who had only known the God of his fathers and wrestled with God. wrestled for a blessing, for an experience...And as I think about that story and all the directions God can take it and give revelation in, I am overcome with it. I remember a piece in Tommy Tenny's book "GodChasers" where he talks about the breadcrumbs [in the church] that were remnants of the experiences of the generations before. As I get older, I realize that I would hand over every position, every ministry, every bit of respect, recognition, and stature, to ensure that my children don't speak of the revivals of their mother's time. That they don't speak of the closeness their parents had with God. I burn with desire to ensure that my ceiling becomes their floor. That the greatest experience I could even imagine with God is the "norm" and the things that excite them aren't even in my imagination. Children who heal the sick, raise the dead, commune with God. It has gripped my heart that everything we "do", everytime we go to "church", every prayer we pray be about experiencing Him in a new, real way. Because, I know for certain that...once you do, it is settled in your life.

Just one of many things consuming my mind recently (okay, so maybe this particular topic gripped my heart a decade ago...but who's really counting).  I will touch base soon with a family/EA update!! So stay tuned!!



Rene' said...

good post. Blogging does sometimes seem like a job. You want to share the funny things that happen in life, but then when life goes along smoothly for a while there is nothing to blog about. ha ha. oh well, just have fun reading other people's blogs

Jen said...

Hey girlie! I was here! xoxo!

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