Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How Does One Remove Stomach From Throat?

Good news! We got our Application Part II packet in the mail today!! That #1 means we were approved to proceed with this agency (good news since my barrage of questions weren't warmly received) and #2 we can officially start the timeline towards picking up Baby Smith!!! might be wondering about my strange title then...when this all seems wonderful...(and is)??? BECAUSE....this "packet"  (for lack of a more all-encompassing word) is far more in-depth than the last application...this portion included individual autobiographies, physicals, recommendation letters (5 to be exact),guardianship designation affidavits, birth certificates, marriage licenses, certificate of financial status (?), the past three years taxes, proofs of employment, and approval of required leave time...just to name a few....EEK....................

This is scary. Don't get me wrong, we are excited and nervous...but THIS- Right here, right now- IS SCARY! Our to be done with this portion of the adoption process by March 31, 2010. That is our goal, today.....So, I guess we better get started!

By the way, for those praying....On March 31, when this is done...Our first portion of $3850 will be due...prayers are SO very appreciated by us!


Jen said...

That is so, so, so exciting! Keep us updated! Prayers are with you my friend!

Jen said...

So what DOES that title mean??? :o)

*Ashley Lou* said...

That when I saw the ENORMOUS paperwork in front of stomach immediately jumped into my throat...yuck =)

Anonymous said...

Please let us know what we can contribute to your March installment. We both love you and Miah and are waiting for your call. :-)


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